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Being an MLA for the past few years has been a great experience as I have had the honour to serve people, and better understand our province and the many issues that are important to our community.

Elections Manitoba recently changed the provincial boundaries and there are several reasons why I choose Tyndall park. A large portion of my current riding-Burrows was shifted into it. Tyndall Park is also where I grew up-living on Weitzel and Egesz and attending both Garden Grove and Stanley Knowles school.

The new area of Tyndall Park has changed quite drastically and now compliments the area of Meadows West. Tyndall Park as a whole is a beautiful community in which I am proud of and want to be able to make better for all living in it.

I am asking for your support in this coming election which will allow for me to continue to advocate for issues such as keeping the 7-Oaks Hospital up and running and safety in our community.

A little bit about who I am

My undergrad consists of a certificate in Christian Studies from Horizon College. A Diploma for a double major in Political Science and Religion and culture from the University of Winnipeg. And I am currently completing my Masters-one class at a time over the course of seven years, in Marriage and Family therapy.

As a sitting MLA my number one priority are my constituents. I believe that my job is to represent you at a provincial level and my passion to serve and make our community the best it can be is my motivation in politics.

My Critic roles within my party include Seniors, Youth, Justice, Education and Immigration. As of late there has been a lot of discussion around Seven Oaks hospital and the Meth crisis. If you have thoughts, ideas, concerns or potential solutions, please reach out to me through social media or my contact information below. Or pop by Mcdonalds (Inkster and Mcphillips) any Monday, from 6-8 pm.

Do not hesitate to contact me throughout the campaign as I will be sure to pop by your house - if I have not already, before September 10th.

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